Monday, 14 April 2014

Shed Tears of Joy

I learn a lot today. About life and how we suppose to live when everyone underestimate us. Funny how I learn it from watching sports. It began on watching Singapore Open Series, Simon Santoso vs Lee Chong Wei in the afternoon.

Every badminton addicts probably already know how great Wei is and of course he becomes everyone's favorite, maybe. In the opposite, Simon who always lose against Wei becomes the underdog.

But when I watched the game, I could see how patient and focus Simon is. He played the game with nothing to lose, it looked like there’s no pressure on him even though it’s the final and he must against the number 1 rank in the world. In the second set, Simon was a little bit out of control when Wei managed to gain 6 points consecutively, but Simon manage to control the game again in the end. There were some rallys went on, and because of showing some patience, Simon succeeded on winning the rally. Not every rallys, but he did most of them. What he did, blew me away. He gave the element of surprise on how he put the shuttlecock in some places that even Wei hard to reach it out.

Simon Santoso after winning Singapore Open Series/photo by gettyimages
Badminton game isn’t just about smash, drop shot, or lob, but it also about the tactical decision. You don’t play and thinking like: as long as I can tackle the shuttlecock and give it back to the opponent. You have to play smart in order to gain every point. And that what I saw in Simon’s game. He was vicious, focus, patient, and smart. And I’m so happy that finally Simon won against Wei and became the champion in straight set. His reaction when he succeed to get the championship point is priceless. Relieve, happy, unbelievable.

The next match that I watched, of course it’s Liverpool FC vs Manchester City. The match was held at Anfield. This match is one of important games for Liverpool FC in order to running for the title. Even though Liverpool FC hasn’t been lose this year, won 9 games consecutively, and on the pole position, we still considered as the underdog. I’m not blaming them for it. City is one of the best contender. They won the League two years ago.

Meanwhile, Liverpool FC’s  goal at the beginning of the season is only to get back to the top 4 so that we can play in Champions League next season. And looking at Liverpool FC players probably they won’t believe the position that we are right now. Yes, Liverpool FC has top well-known players like Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez. Daniel Sturridge was on his way too at the beginning of the season, and look at him now! He is one of our best strikers, made a great duo with Suarez, keeping Liverpool on track when Suarez couldn’t play because of the punishment he got from last season.

And if we’re talking about Liverpool FC, we don’t just talking about those players, but also ALL of the players, the staffs, and supporters. All of Liverpool FC elements have done a great job so far. The players skill are flourishing and developing really great. Hands down to Brendan Rodgers and the staffs whose maximize the potential of each player.  Looking at them now, there’s no doubt that all of the players have given their best.
LFC celebration against City at Anfield, Sunday (13/4)/photo from
And in today’s match against Manchester City, Liverpool FC players determination was really outstanding. Today’s match is really special, not only it’s a big match, but also we, Liverpudlians commemorate Hillsborough. Before it began, there’s a minute silence for remembering it. So, yeah, it’s an emotional match for Kopites.

When the match begin, Liverpool FC leads 2-0 in first half. But in the second half, City manage to make it tie 2-2. It was soooo intense. My heart won’t stop pounding. Adrenaline always rushes when you are watching the game, isn’t it? But, Liverpool players won’t giving up and always try to do their best. Until, blunder from City’s back, Kompany, giving us the opportunity to make a lead. Coutinho scoreeeeddd!!! Oh my Goooddd…… I’m really thankful for that! 3-2! And I shout: Keep it alive, guys!

But the drama doesn’t end there. Injury time is 5 minutes! (OMG!) and Henderson was red-carded when we still have to play in 2,5 more minutes. Anything can happen in that time. Continuously, I told them to hang on. Maybe some of supporters also said that to them, to hang in there in couple of minutes. The atmosphere in Anfield is remarkable. Reminds me of the night of the Champions League semifinale Liverpool FC against Chelsea in 2004/2005 season. When we led 1-0 and the injury time was 6 minutes! It was sooo tense!!

And when it finally ended, I was sooo happy. Gerrard even shed the tears (of joy) in the end. He look like couldn’t believe that we won the match. Then, all of the players on the field gathered around and as the captain, Stevie fired up his teammates. After the game, Stevie said that the match felt like the longest game he ever went through. But hey, we still have 4 final matches coming up. And to keep our dream alive, we have to go through it and win it. All of the matches that Liverpool FC has been through this season is because all of the hard work they put on it since day one.

When everyone thinks you’re the underdog, just shifted it to a motivation, to do better and giving it all out. Maybe you don’t reach your goal everytime, but at least you already do the best and give it all you can do. Just be patient, keeping up the hard work, and keep doing the best, because I'm sure someday you will get the reward. 

And when you have succeed, it would be the best feeling you ever have and it’s okay to shed your tears. Tears of joy. I shed tears of joy along with the players today. :) #KeepItAlive #MakeUsDream


  1. Nice story gie. But I like the first part better because i think it's more objective. Hahaha...
    emang kalo ngerjain sesuatu harus sabar yah. Dan waktu ngelakuinnya lebih baik dilakukan dengan happy, no pressure, dan fokus. Jangan selalu terpaku ke hasil pengen cepet. Thanks for reminding gie

    1. Hahaha...we have different perspectives on that. Kalo Simon itu ngebawa identitas bangsa dan rasanya bangga banget gw, Simon bisa ngalahin Chong Wei, hehehe. Ngerasa harga diri dan martabat bangsa dipertaruhkan banget disana, hehehe. Meanwhile, kalo penggemar bola (yang netral) pasti sebagian besar setuju sama gimana perkembangan Liverpool FC musim ini. They've grown a lot and better.
      Kesamaan antara Simon dan LFC musim ini adalah kerja keras dan kesabaran. Simon pun bilang kunci kemenangan dia adalah kesabaran. Dan gw yakin pasti dia udah nunggu lama dan berlatih keras banget buat akhirnya bisa menangin game lawan Wei, so does LFC. We have been waiting so long for the title (24 years) and LFC players have shown great work through hard work, patience, and always focus in every games ahead :). Be happy with what you're doing (kalo ga happy, cari yang laen :p), hard work, be patient, and focus.