Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mid Season 2014/2015 of Liverpool FC

Mid season has come to an end and we’re facing new year. At the end of 2014 Liverpool’s position is in 8th. Not good enough. We were facing some problems. Daniel Sturridge has a series of injury. After had an injury in August, he had another injury, and another injury. We were really struggling. Sturridge was our 2nd top scorer last season, after Luis Suarez, so his role is very important for us. Unfortunately in the other side, our other strikers, Rickie Lambert, Mario Balotelli dan Fabio Borini haven't showed their best performances yet.

I admit this season is not as smooth as last season, but we're still fighting. We have been in an even more worst position before. No matter where LFC's position, I will always support them. Nevertheless, there are some issues that I want to stress about LFC's performances until mid season 2014/2015. We are pretty bad when facing set pieces, either it's from corner kick or free kick. That is our weakness and in the first three months our opponent used that weakness very well. Every time we have set pieces, my heart's beating very fast and somehow I always have a bad feeling about that, which then result in a goal. That hurts.

Overall our weakness this season is still the same like the last season. It's in the back. And unfortunately, our manager Brendan Rodgers didn't recruit a lot of players in that position when transfer window opened last summer. We recruited a lot of midfielders than defenders. And that cost us. When Rodgers recruited some new midfielders in transfer window, I was just hoping that he did the right thing and could make LFC more competitive. But, it wasn't. After our second match this season, we're really have to fight hard.

Fortunately, when we're entering December, it gets better. Lazar Markovic and Emre Can have shown what their capable of, even though I think they could do more. Sterling, whose done a great job replacing Sturridge's role, continue on showing his determination and great skills. Along with Adam Lallana, Philipe Coutinho and Jordan Henderson. Even though in the other side, our new strikers still haven't showed their best performances, but we're getting better. And I hope it will continues better and better. In this winter window transfers, I'm hoping Rodgers will recruit top defenders. We really need to fix our defense line.

In the mean time, there is also a big news coming from LFC's captain, Steven Gerrard. He will leave LFC at the end of the season. It's a heartbreaking news, even though I know someday sooner or later it will come, but it still make me in shock. When I knew the news for the very first time, I don't know how to react on that news. A denial, maybe. Until 2-3 days later, finally I can embrace Gerrard's decision and accept that it's his time. This is the time when he will leaving LFC, at last. I can not imagine how LFC would be without him, because my love for LFC grow along with his performances on the pitch. First time I know and love LFC is because Michael Owen, but it continues to grow along with all of the LFC players from more than 15 years ago until now. That includes Steven Gerrard, of course. I know his retirement will open the door for existing players and young players to come forward and show their best. A few young players from Academy already had the chance to show their performances, like Jordan Rossiter, and I think Rodgers need a player like him to fill our loss.

Anyway, we still have about six months to end this season very well. I know we have to work hard. As long as all of the players have a great collaboration and understanding among each others, I think we will be fine. Keep on marching, Reds!

You'll Never Walk Alone!