Monday, 4 January 2016

New Era of Liverpool

I intent to write this post six months ago. The draft was just sitting there, waiting for me to gear up the spirit to write about Liverpool FC. This late post is not because I give up as a LFC supporter, because of their so-so performance last season, or Stevie G's depart from LFC. I am and will always be their loyal supporter. There's a lot of stuff going on the last 6 months. Mostly in 1 month I only can post one blog. I'm really sorry about that. So, without further a do, right now let's talk about LFC, the review of the season and also the newest changes that happened in the last couple of months.

Talking about 2014/2015 season review, LFC ended the season in 6th place. Enough to qualify and play in Europa League, but we're not accomplish our goal to finish in 4th place to qualify for Champions League. Disappointed, for sure. Even more, it was the last season of Stevie G playing for LFC. Our last match against Stoke City was a disaster. But, putting the bad condition aside, there were some improvement in some players.

In 2014/2015 Jordan Henderson suddenly pop out of nowhere. Well, actually he became LFC's player since 2011 under auspices of Kenny Daglish. But, at that time he didn't stand out. As the time goes by, just like a hard-wild stone, he turns into a gem. He train harder, hone his skill and after time he turns out beautifully. Along with Coutinho, he did a really great job last season.

Starting new season 2015/2016, we got new players coming to Anfield. Milner and Firmino become a great and important addition for us. There's also Benteke, Ings, Clyne and Gomez. With Sturridge was in the rehabilitation room for almost all matches last season and Balotelli's underperformances, we were in dire need of strikers. Benteke and Ings are great. I am more optimistic with their presence, rather than with Balotelli's a year before.

We were having a pretty good start this season, even though not great. A lot of ties, which are better than lost. But, in the meantime not enough also. The so-so performances like last season were haunting. Until...LFC's management fired Brendan Rodgers in October, right after LFC had a tie against Everton. I was shocked. I think most of supporters were. Usually LFC made the coach changes before the new season started, so what happened to Rodgers was a shocking news.

To be honest, I had a feeling that Rodgers won't have much time anymore at Anfield. His decision in 2014/2015 transfer window wasn't great. He decided to bring in a bunch of new players to replace Luis Suarez, but nobody had the same quality as Suarez. I think he was stressed to make a great player with well-known name in football coming to Anfield. At the end of transfer window, Rodgers chose Balotelli. The last player that I thought would become LFC's player. I doubted that he would fit in with LFC. And, he did. And, I don't like his attitude off the pitch also. So, talking back about Rodgers' dismissal, I didn't expect it was happening at that time, when we had a tie against Everton. The result wasn't too bad, I guess. If we lost the match, it would've made sense. But, it's a tie.

Nevertheless, the decision has been made. A few days later, the management came out with Jurgen Klopp's signing. I am sooo excited with that signing. I didn't know much about him, but I heard a lot about what he had done in Borussia Dortmund. Klopp managed to overtake Bayern Munich domination in Bundesliga by escorting Dortmund to become a champion, twice. He has a nice track record, and I hope he will get LFC to the top also.

I watched his first interview with LFC TV, and I was surprised by his reaction. When LFC TV presenter, Claire asked him what kind of football style that he want to implement in LFC? Klopp's answer was 'Heavy Metal'. I was stunned. Is he serious? Turns out, that is his style. His charisma and personality is really great. His spirit is infectious. It's hard to dislike him as a person.

Under Klopp's, we had some good starts by winning some matches, and also some ties. But, lately LFC performances is unstable. Knocked over against Crystal Palace, Watford, and West Ham. Actually when Klopp arrived at Anfield, I didn't expect he will make an instant changes with LFC performances. It's not the team that he build from the first place, afterall. He has to make things work from Rodgers's inheritance. So, in my opinion, he has to buy 1-2 players to add LFC squad this January. Besides Premier League, we are still in League Cup, FA Cup and Europa League, so we need more depth in the squad. You can't expect to play the same players in 2 matches in a week over and over again. We really need new players. If it isn't from other clubs, it has to be from the academy. I'm looking forward to see Klopp's movement in January transfer window.