Wednesday, 29 January 2014

LFC Tour 2013 (First Half)

Liverpool got a corner. At first, I saw Downing already took a position to had one. But then, he canceled it. When I saw to the other side of the field, apparently Gerrard whose take the corner.

In these videos you will see Gerrard's movement on the pitch. Yes...I frequently take some shoots of Steven Gerrard, hehehe. You probably already know what my reasons are. What more reasons I can say? He is our Captain Fantastic :D.

45 minutes went by so quickly. Liverpool leads 1-0. In the second half Liverpool add a goal from Raheem Sterling on minute 88. I'm sorry I can't upload until the end of the game, because the duration of my shoots in second half were over a minute. As I told you before, I can't upload a video that have a duration up to 2 minutes. All I can say is I'm very happy that Liverpool FC got the chance to visit Indonesia and know more about Liverpool FC fans in here. I'm really looking forward and can't wait to have them here again on the next tour. If Allah permit me, I also really..really..want to watch Liverpool FC match in Anfield someday. YNWA.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Liverpool FC vs Indonesia XI (Coutinho Goal and Indonesia XI Counter Attack)

The game just started 10 minutes, and Coutinho already scored a goal for Liverpool. I didn't realize when I record the match, I would record Coutinho's goal. So when he did, I was soooo excited. After scored a goal, Coutinho spontaneously went to the back of the net and had his celebration over there. Huff....I just wish that he could come to my side of pitch, at that time. :D

Indonesia XI were playing really well, too. In some time they were manage to penetrate inside Liverpool area and made Liverpool FC players have to defend very deep. Indonesia XI made some great opportunities, too. Unfortunately, it didn't end with a goal.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Pre-Match Liverpool FC vs Indonesia XI (Part II)

Hello again! It's really nice to say HI! to all of you again :). It's been...errrr, how many months I have disappeared? Ooow..five months. Wow, time went by so quickly. Didn't realized I have gone that long. So, where have I been?  Finishing my research for my master degree. Period. And after it's all over a few weeks ago, finally I can update my blog again. I'm soooo gIad I could come back again :D PS: Actually I have prepared some drafts to post since August, but I haven't got the time to add some writings.

Btw, let's begin again to what I left off five months ago. We're gonna (still) be talking about LFC Tour in Indonesia. Yes, it's been a while, but I have to finish what I started. Even though, I really..really want to talk about Liverpool performances this season, some of Liverpool players like duo Suarez-Sturridge, Coutinho and Henderson, also Luis Garcia's retirement. But...I still have works to do: to finish my story about the first LFC Tour in Indonesia.

Anyway, these videos were taken right before the match. All of Liverpool FC and Indonesia players came out to do some trainings. Again, all of Liverpool FC players had their training on the other side of pitch where I stand. Unlucky me :(. But, I still manage to capture some of their actions from my cam.

As I mentioned before, Liverpool FC bring some new players to this tour. When all of Liverpool FC players had their training, Vetri asked me which one is Iago Aspas, new recruit from Celta Vigo FC. I tried to zoom in and found him doing shuttle runs. Even though he did a good work on tour, unfortunately he didn't manage to keep his position lately. Anyway...after warming up around 30 minutes, all of players went back to changing room. And then, 10 minutes later, they came back to the pitch. Without a doubt, we sing along Indonesia Raya (Indonesia national anthem) and You'll Never Walk Alone to start off the game.