Friday, 26 July 2013

Liverpool FC Tour Indonesia 2013 (Mighty Reds)

Actually I intend to post some videos on this post, but when I try to upload few videos, it always error. I don't know what happen with video uploading in Blogger in these few days. So I only got the chance to upload one video. I hope I can upload the remaining videos again very soon.
Mighty Reds in action
Mighty Reds is Liverpool mascot. This video was taken before Open Training Session. You've got moves, Mighty! :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

LFC Tour Indonesia 2013

Liverpool FC finally has arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia. Finally they landed and played on Indonesia soil. Liverpool FC arrived in Jakarta on July 17, and they received a huge welcome from Liverpudlians. Even though the plane landed at 2 pm, Liverpudlians already wait in the airport since few hours before. Unfortunately, I couldn't welcome them because I have to work. But, reading the news in online websites make me smile that day, all day. 
Finally, finally, they come to Indonesia. Their first visit in LFC Tour 2013 and their first visit to Indonesia, after all these years. When the news came in April about LFC Tour to Asia and Australia, I just couldn't believe it myself. It felt like a dream. An amazing dream. For us, Liverpudlians in Indonesia, it's like a dream coming true. At last. Finally, we could see Liverpool play in front of us, in naked eyes.
On my last post, I told you that I was not quite sure that Gerrard would come also on this tour. But, when the days getting closer, LFC Tour posted the name of the players who will be joining on tour and then some pictures of Liverpool teams went on a plane at John Lennon Airport. And I just couldn't believe that Gerrard is on the list. And, I became more hysterical when I saw a picture of Stevie G walking in the runway, and bringing his travel bag. Later on, I posted a status on my Facebook: Steven Gerrard is on the list! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!. Yes, I was very hysterical. There's no shame on admitting it. I feel like I go back to my teens age, when I become hysterical when it come to boybands, hahaha. Anyway, I'm just soooo happy that Liverpool finally could get the chance to visit Indonesia. And just couldn't wait to see them.
So, I will post some LFC Tour photographs and videos on this blog, with some stories behind them. It won't be only one post, but maybe several posts. So, let's start with this one:
This ticket is specially made for Liverpudlians who join Big Reds-Indonesia's Official Liverpool FC Supporter Club. The ticket price is IDR 400k, and you're not only get the ticket for the match, but also a ticket for Open Training Session and Big Reds scarf. So, Sector 9-11 is loaded with Liverpudlians from Big Reds, for sure.
Brad Jones and Simon Mignolet in Open Training Session. This is the best picture I can get, sorry, because I use pocket camera, not a DSLR.

Some players are finally having a training on my side of the field. They are Martin Kelly, Jay Spearing, Raheem Sterling, Andre Wisdom, Martin Skrtel, Jordan Henderson, Fabio Borini.

All of the pictures above captured before Indonesia XI vs Liverpool FC match. The match attended by more than 80.000 supporters.

The one and only, Steven Gerrard. I'm so pleased that he often spend his time in the right side of the field, so I can see him clearer. It just remarkable I can see him on field. :)

Indonesia XI gave Liverpool FC quite a hard time at some moments. I'm so proud with Indonesia XI. And of course, the match that give us an opportunity to see Liverpool FC play in front of us still make me speechless. The atmosphere in the stadium also unbelievable. The Kopites sing along Liverpool chants tirelessly, over and over again. I can almost imagine the atmosphere in Anfield. Just for that night, I felt like I'm at Anfield. And I still have a wish to see Liverpool live at Anfield. So, it's the time to save some money, Yogie! I will be coming to Anfield, sooner or later! :D

Look out the crowd after Indonesia XI vs Liverpool FC match. Even though the match has ended, a lot of supporters still on their seats. As for me, not to forget to take some snaps with one of my besties, Vetri, at the stadium. She is also Liverpudlian. Our last Liverpool moment together was Champions League Final 2005 in Istanbul. At that time, we were still in college, and we watched the final together only from television. So, of course, we shared the Istanbul experience and filled our hearts with joy when Liverpool won the final. Btw, I know about LFC Tour also from her. At first, I thought it was only a rumor so I didn't put high expectation. And when she told me that Liverpool FC really would come to Jakarta, I was sooooo happy. Thanks for letting me know, Pet, hehehe.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Tribute to Steven Gerrard

I've written about Liverpool FC, Michael Owen, Xabi Alonso, even Fernando Torres, Rafael Benitez, and Raul Merieles. But I haven't talked about Steven Gerrard. The CAPTAIN of LFC and the most important player for me and of course the club and Liverpudlians. I don't want to start writing about Steven Gerrard when he's retire, just like Owen. I want to write about him right now as a tribute for him as Liverpool player. So where do I start talking about this magnificent player? There are a lot of great things about him that I admire.

Stevie G is not just an ordinary player for Liverpool. Started his love of football since in Liverpool Academy, he has gained a lot of success in the club. His role as midfielder is undeniable. He become the soul of every Liverpool matches. At first, I didn't notice him because my main attention at that time was Michael Owen. But after watched Liverpool games constantly, that number 17's player got my attention (later Gerrard wear number 8 shirt, until now). He got real determination and he's still so young. He always tried to do the best in every games. So, no doubt that on season 2003/2004 Gerard Houllier (Liverpool's coach at that time) appointed Gerrard as Liverpool's captain.

And for one of Steven Gerrard's unforgettable moment (I would say) was Champions League Final in Istanbul, Turkey. How could you forget that match? Liverpool's comeback after leaved behind three goals. They were rampaging after half time. Made it a tie in only six minutes! And it all started with Steven Gerrard's goal in minute 54. His header scored a goal. At that time, he showed us the spirit, to not easily to give up and always try to do the best.
Pic from picasaweb
After scored a goal, you could see that he fired up the spirit of his teammates. And he did great. Two minutes later, Vladimir Smicer scored a goal. And in the next two minutes, all of Liverpudlians wouldn't know that they were gonna hold their breath, when Liverpool got a penalty after Steven Gerrard had tackled from Gattuso (AC Milan Player) in penalty area. Yes, it was because of his continuously penetration effort to get close to AC Milan crossbar.

But then, Alonso was appointed as penalty shooter. His shoot was intercepted by Dida (Milan's goalkeeper) at first, but the ball bounced back to Alonso. And without a doubt, Alonso striked the ball to AC Milan's net. That moment was soooo intense, so it was really a relieve when it ended good. Liverpool made it a tie 3-3. And finally like it or not, the match's gonna have to end with a penalty shootout. In this part, you (football lovers) should've known the rest. Liverpool won their 5th Champions League cup. In the same year, Gerrard nominated as one of Ballon d'Or candidates.
Pic from bbc
After the match, I take a flashback of Liverpool's journey in Champions League 2004/2005, especially Steven Gerrard's role (because he is the one that we talked about in this post, without denying all of players effort). Steven Gerrard made a significant goal in group stage, when Liverpool vs Olympiakos. His late goal made Liverpool went through knockout stage. And I won't forget the semifinal. Gerrard gave his heart out to the game, helping Liverpool defence tirelessly. And it was all paid off with a ticket to final. Seeing Steven Gerrard's big smile in Champions League final when he lifted the trophy made me felt overwhelming.

The next season Liverpool didn't win Champions League, but they won FA Cup. And that FA Cup final was also one of the match that I won't forget. It started almost like in Champions League final and ended like that match. Liverpool leaved behind 3-2 until second half injury time. At that time, I said to myself that whatever the final result was, I would always be a Liverpudlian, and I know all of Liverpool players had given their best. When the match leaving only three minutes in injury time, I felt nothing to lose. was really a joy to see Liverpool made it a tie in last minute. And who else could did that other than Stevie G himself. I was really happy and couldn't believe what just happened. 
Pic from liverpoolc-newkit
In that last minute, 3-4 Liverpool players swarmed to West Ham area. Unfortunately the ball was punted back into the midfield. But it wasn't the end, because Stevie G already stand there and found the ball. His first-time 30-yard strike was phenomenal. West Ham goalkeeper couldn't reach the ball and it scoreeeed!! So, then it ended with penalty shootout and Gerrard become one of penalty shooters. He did well. So were Hamann and Riise. In the end, Liverpool lifted their FA Cup trophy. I was soooo happy... To be add, Gerrard also become Man of the Match for the game.

In the next years Liverpool had their ups and downs. When Torres came along to Anfield, Gerrard made a great duo with him. And not to forget, his most suitable partner in midfield: Alonso. Together (I would say), they became Liverpool's dynamic duo. When many Liverpool players come and go, including Michael Owen, Gerrard showed his loyalty to the club. After Champions League final, there was a rumor that Chelsea wanted him so bad. And we didn't talk about just a few poundsterling. Chelsea offered a really big number for Gerrard transfer. But Stevie G chose to stay at Liverpool. And that makes him stay in our (Liverpudlians) heart forever.

In two-three last seasons, I have to admit that Liverpool wasn't in their best shape. But, Gerrard didn't move his feet anywhere. He still stays and leads the team. This year Gerrard turns 33 years old, and there are a lot of rumors that he will be retired anytime soon. So that's a relieve when he said that he doesn't have a plan to retire soon. Well, I know that time would come sooner or later. But I want him to keep playing for Liverpool as long as he can, so that I could still see him in every next matches that he played. Lately, Gerrard got injured and has to have operation on his shoulder. I hope it went well, so he could come back next season.

Actually Liverpool FC has a plan to visit Indonesia in July 20. And I do really hope that Gerrard could come along. But if he couldn't make it, that's okay for me (even I'll be disappointed), because Liverpool (and Liverpudlians ) need him on his best shape next season. It's bigger than anything, so that we can lift trophies at the end of the season.

So...there it is all I can do. My tribute to Steven Gerrard, one of the best Liverpool players, great captain, and would be carved his name in Liverpool legends. You will be staying in our heart, on and off field. You'll Never Walk Alone. :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review Les Miserables

Review film  ini pindahan dari Multiply, yang sempat diselamatkan sebelum situs itu tutup untuk selamanya.
Photo from

Mungkin orang-orang yang suka memerhatikan cerita atau film klasik sudah tahu cerita Les Miserables sejak kapan tau. Tapi saya baru tau ketika cerita karangan Victor Hugo itu dibuat ke layar lebar yang dimainkan oleh Hugh Jackman. Ya, intinya baru bulan-bulan kemarin. Memang Les Miserables ini sudah pernah dibuat filmnya, tapi saya belum pernah nonton. Saya juga sering dengar kalau Les Miserables ini jadi salah satu pertunjukan Broadway yang oke punya di New York sana. Tapi nggak ada satu pun dari hal-hal di atas yang membuat saya penasaran dengan jalan cerita Les Miserables.

Sampai...muncul film Les Miserables yang disutradarai Tom Hooper. Review positif dari orang-orang membuat saya penasaran pengen nonton film ini. Apalagi katanya ini adalah film musikal. Wuih...jadi semakin penasaran. Udah lama...saya nggak nonton film musikal yang bagus. Terakhir saya nonton film-film musikal adalah ketika nonton Sound of Music, Anne, dan Singing In The Rain di masa kuliah dulu. jadul memang. Tapi enak untuk ditonton dan nggak membosankan. Apalagi Sound of Music. Film sepanjang masa itu mah...

Eniwei, saat nonton Les Miserables-nya Tom Hooper, saya nggak nyangka film musikal yang dimaksud adalah ternyata aktor-aktris di dalamnya itu bernyanyi di sepanjang film. Yes, they're all singing from the beginning until the end of the movie. Even they sing the dialog! that makes it a boring movie? Well.. not for me. I LOVE IT!

Les Miserables berhasil mengobati kerinduan saya akan film musikal yang bermutu. Aktor dan aktris yang bermain di film itu bahkan bernyanyi secara live saat take film. Hal itu pastinya tantangan tersendiri bagi mereka, tapi jatohnya film itu jadi kelihatan begitu natural, menampilkan emosi dari karakter-karakter utama di Les Miserables. Walau memang semua suara para aktor dan aktris itu tidak sebagus para penyanyi profesional, upaya mereka patut diacungi jempol. Seperti adegan Javert (Russel Crowe) waktu mengalami dilema di akhir film, Crowe berupaya keras buat mencapai not tinggi di akhir lagu. Walau akhirnya ngga berhasil dan jadi antiklimaks, tapi usahanya boleh lah. Memang dia bukan penyanyi kok.

Akting Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean), Anne Hathaway (Fantine), Helena Bonham Carter (Mrs Thenardier), Samantha Barks (Eponine), dan Sacha Baron Cohen (Thenardier) juga oke. Perasaan terasingkan bisa dirasakan dari Valjean ketika baru keluar dari penjara, perasaan tersakiti dan penuh pengorbanan terwakili dengan baik oleh Fantine dan Eponine, kedua oportunis Thenardier dan Madam juga dimainkan dengan baik dan membawa nuansa ringan dari film Les Miserable.

Namun, sayangnya perpaduan Amanda Seyfried (Cosette) dan Eddie Redmayne (Marius) bagi saya kurang begitu greget. Padahal, di buku Les Miserable, hubungan antara keduanya begitu dalam dan menghanyutkan. Film yang berdurasi 2,5 jam inipun bagi saya alurnya terlalu cepat. Saya mengerti film pasti punya keterbatasan karena itu tidak seluruh cerita di buku bisa dituangkan ke dalam film. Tetapi mungkin bagi mereka yang belum membaca bukunya sebelumnya bisa agak kebingungan sebelum nonton. But, overall, this movie was great dan definitely will be added in my collections.