Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Season Is Coming!

New season has come. That means the new battle has begun. Because we’ve Champions League coming up also. After five seasons, finally we could get the chance to play in Champions League again. It’s so relieve. That’s why Liverpool FC need consistency in every game this season.

A lot of changes happened in Liverpool FC squad in pre-season. We’ve lost our vital player last season: Luis Suarez, whose got transferred to Barcelona. When I heard the news, frankly it didn’t surprise me at all. After incident in World Cup, when Suarez bite Italian player, I gave up on him. That’s the third times he’d done that. It’s kinda hard to forgive him, even though he was our top scorer last season.

So, when I heard Suarez’s transfer, I only response: Oh, well. I know it’s gonna be tough to find a player like him. In football, there’s no man alike. Suarez had made great, unimaginable, superb, and sometimes ridiculous goals last season. I’m really grateful for what he’d done for Liverpool FC. Thank you for having three awesome years with us.

So, what’s next then, after losing our top scorer? Liverpool’s manager, Brendan Rodgers, has come up with eight new players (when I post this blog). They are Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Dejan Lovren, Emre Can, Lazar Markovic, Javier Manquillo, Divock Origi, and Alberto Moreno. Those players mostly are midfielder and backs. We only have one new striker: Rickie Lambert, while Origi is going back to Lille for one year.

To be honest, I don’t know most of them. I only can recognize Lallana and Lambert, who play for Southampton last season. Actually, Lovren was also in Southampton, but his name did’t ring me a bell. From all of those players, I’m really excited when Liverpool FC signs Lallana. He play really well last season for Southampton. Tough and determined player. I remember Liverpool FC vs Southampton’s match. Lallana was the motor of Southampton game. When he moves and get the ball, I always said to Liverpool FC players: Stop him! Stoooopppp hiiimmm! So, when I heard that Lallana is coming to Anfield, I'm really excited. Unfortunately, he got injured in pre-season, so he won’t be able to play in Barclays Premier League’s first match.

Anyway, there has been a bunch of analysis of what Liverpool FC's gonna be this season. In the midst of a lot of saying that we haven’t found a player that match the capability like Suarez, I’m pretty confident about this season.  Yes, I do think we need more strikers, at least one more with a great skill. We can’t depend ourselves to Daniel Sturridge. He’s a great player but we need another one, so we have plenty of choice in the front line. But, looking at the squad today, there’s a lot of room to grow for another players. Philippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling couldn’t be stop, and continue to blossom in every match. Jordon Ibe has proved himself as one of the contender that need to be watch out in pre-season. They are young players that always amaze me in every game.

Liverpool FC has done a good job in pre-season with 5 wins and 3 losses. Yes, it wasn’t a straight wins. But, I’m pretty satisfied with it. And how about this season? Well, Steven Gerrard has decided to retire from England’s national team, that means he can focus on Liverpool FC. Both Liverpool FC’s new and young players have shown their best in pre-season. We’ve won the last pre-season match against Borussia Dortmund with 4-0. Lovren and Manquillo caught my attention on that match. Well done, lads!

So, facing the new season 2014/2015? Just bring it on! Reds army is marching and coming for you! We are ready!

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