Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pre-Match Liverpool FC vs Indonesia XI (Part I)

Today I'm gonna upload some videos from Liverpool vs Indonesia XI that held at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in July 20. That day was the day that we've been waiting for, all this time. Finally, we could see Liverpool play right in front of us, after we could only watch them on television for so long.
As you can see some of Liverpool players had their pre-match training. Liverpudlians were already packed inside the stadium few hours before the match began. I arrived at Gelora Bung Karno at 5.30 pm, and went straight to gate V, while I tried to contact Vetri who hasn't arrived yet.
By the way, conjunction with LFC Tour 2013 was Ramadhan, month of fasting, and a lot of Liverpudlians had their break fasting while they were queuing. Even the rain in the afternoon didn't discourage Liverpudlians passion. Anyway, it took one hour for me, Vetri and Candra to enter Sector 9-11. When we were already inside the stadium, we chose to sit in front, just like when we watched open training session the day before.
When we had settled with our seats, I took some snaps with my handycam (I'm sorry for the blurry pictures). Some of Liverpool players who were had their training yesterday longer than the other players, already sat on the bench. They are Raheem Sterling, Jordan Henderson, Andre Wisdom, Martin Skrtel, Fabio Borini, Martin Kelly.

And then around 07.30 pm, Liverpool's first team entered the field to have their training, followed by Indonesia XI. Spontaneously all of Liverpudlians sang along You'll Never Walk Alone and the other chants, over and over again. And also not to forget sang along some of Indonesia national songs. At that time, I felt really happy because I could be joining with other Kopites.

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