Wednesday, 29 January 2014

LFC Tour 2013 (First Half)

Liverpool got a corner. At first, I saw Downing already took a position to had one. But then, he canceled it. When I saw to the other side of the field, apparently Gerrard whose take the corner.

In these videos you will see Gerrard's movement on the pitch. Yes...I frequently take some shoots of Steven Gerrard, hehehe. You probably already know what my reasons are. What more reasons I can say? He is our Captain Fantastic :D.

45 minutes went by so quickly. Liverpool leads 1-0. In the second half Liverpool add a goal from Raheem Sterling on minute 88. I'm sorry I can't upload until the end of the game, because the duration of my shoots in second half were over a minute. As I told you before, I can't upload a video that have a duration up to 2 minutes. All I can say is I'm very happy that Liverpool FC got the chance to visit Indonesia and know more about Liverpool FC fans in here. I'm really looking forward and can't wait to have them here again on the next tour. If Allah permit me, I also really..really..want to watch Liverpool FC match in Anfield someday. YNWA.

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