Monday, 26 August 2013

Open Training Session LFC Tour 2013 (Part I)

Robbie Fowler is one of Liverpool legends. He's been active as Liverpool players in the 90's, and then got transferred to Leeds United and Manchester City. But on season 2006-2007 he came back again to Anfield before leaving to Cardiff City. Right now he become LFC Ambassador along with Ian Rush.
The video above was still at the open training season. While Liverpool players had their training, Rush and Fowler were approaching to supporters and gave some signatures. Rush was the first person who came to us, but I forgot to shoot him on my handycam. So when Fowler came, without a doubt, I push the record button. Unfortunately on those two occasions I didn't get the chance to get their signatures, despite they are standing right in front of me. How could that happen to me? It wasn't because I didn't try my best to get their signature. I already shout, calling their names, waving my Liverpool jacket, but it's not easy as it look. When Liverpudlians knew Rush and Fowler were coming for us, suddenly a bunch of guys-who at first standing behind me- pushing me forward. I barely couldn't breath. Just for trying to keep me alive, I try to hold on to the fence and make a room for my self. That kind of thing didn't only happen to me. Next to me, there was a boy, who looked miserable also. When Rush saw him, he shouted to supporters to take few step backs because there's a little kiddo in front. He's really nice, indeed. So when Fowler came, I decided to record that moment anyway, with still holding the fence.
Fortunately, Vetri got Fowler's signature on her jersey. He got help by his husband, of course. Vetri's husband, Candra, was the one who came forward. Aaahh, lucky her. I want one, too :p. Anyway, Vetri said that the jersey definitely become a memorabilia in her room. And btw, you could hear Vetri's voice shouting Robbie Fowler's name, hehehe.

Finally... I can upload a video from LFC Tour 2013 again. The video above was at the open training session at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. Vetri and I chose the left side of the stadium, but unfortunately most of the players had their training on the opposite side. The players who had their training on our side were the keepers, Simon Mignolet and Brad Jones. But later, some of the players had training on the left side of the field too.
So..most of the time I really count on to 'zoom in' button in my handycam, so that I could see all of the players clearer. When I saw them for the first time, I couldn't stop smiling. Oh my God, they were just few meters away from me, not billion-zillion kilometers away (this is hyperbolic :p). Open Training Session was the first time I saw Liverpool players on Indonesian soil, after I only could watched them on television. So..that moment was so special to me. YNWA :)

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