Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Michael Owen's Retirement

Every morning I used to read football news in Detik website. When I read it this morning, I found a shocking news. Michael Owen has decided to retire at the end of 2012/2013 season! Oh my God...I am stunned, shocked. Really.. I don't know what to say. For you who already read my post about Liverpool FC must've known the reason.

Michael Owen was my 'first love' in football world. Because of him, I become a Liverpudlian until now. Even later when he got transfered to Real Madrid (which make me sad and disappointed), but I always hope the best for him. His career in Real Madrid was only last for a year (CMIIW). And then he moved to Newcastle United and Manchester United. Later, this season he almost couldn't get a club. Fortunately, Stoke City want to take him. I've got to admit, after Liverpool, Owen didn't play much like before. He often got some bad injuries and it did affect his performances. And now he decides to retire, that makes me really sad.

Actually, one of Liverpool senior players, Jamie Carragher also has decided to retire at the end of this season. Long ago, Owen and Carragher were roommate. But, when it comes to Carra, I don't feel the way I feel like with Owen. I respect Carra for his dedication for Liverpool FC, but I don't have this emotional connection with him. Owen did.

I know football players have 'a limitation' to play. But when THE day come, sometimes I just don't want to admit it. When it comes to Gerrard, maybe I will be very, very sad...

PS: You can read retirement statement from Owen in here
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