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Dear Steven George Gerrard

Steven Gerrard's letter of thanks to Liverpool FC fans. From:

Dear Steven George Gerrard,
The time has finally come, hasn't it? The time when we (all Liverpudlians) have to say goodbye. The time that I already know would come, and I know this day would be a very emotional day for all LFC family.

But, today I won't do gibberish talk about your decision. Today, I just want to say thank you, remembering what you have done for the club and how you've given a great impact for us. It has been a great 17 years, Stevie. You're one of the players from LFC Academy that has shown a magnificent skill and proved that with a hard work you could achieve your dream, to be in the LFC's first team. From all of your incredible skills, your long distance shots has blown me away. And it has been proved in many times. Your long distance shots aren't mere beautiful, but also important for the team.

Dear Stevie,
I might not watch your first debut for LFC, but from the moment I saw your performance I know you would become a great player one day. And, you did. Even though I missed your debut, I still remember when Gerard Houllier pointed you as a captain for LFC. From LFC’s senior player like Sami Hyypia to a young man from Huyton, Steven Gerrard? You’re only 23 years old at that time. I know you’ve already become a great player for LFC, no doubt about that, but at that moment I was being skeptical about your leadership. Could he manage to lead LFC’s players on pitch? What would he do? As the time went by, you have proved yourself that you could handle that responsibility. As a captain you manage to communicate with your teammates and give the best example as you can. It's been a pleasure to see you grow, up to what you've become until now. Thank you for becoming a leader for LFC and giving us inspirations along the way.

I agree that the best moment in your LFC’s career is when we won Champions League in 2005. The greatest comeback ever in Europe. Your goal and your attitude at that time has inspired us to strieve for the best and not easily giving up. When we finally won it, I won’t forget your proud and happy face when you lift the trophy. Best moment ever! See Also: A Tribute to Steven Gerrard

I might never got the chance to see your performance live at Anfield. But, I thank God that you and the team manage came to Indonesia two years ago and made Big Reds from all over Indonesia could see your performance and all of the team. Priceless moment to see all of LFC’s players in front of our eyes. And I thank you all for that.
Photo courtesy of Liverpool Echo

Dear Stevie,
Frankly, the time when you decided to exit from LFC has turned out to be slightly different with the scenario in my mind. I thought you will spend your whole career in Liverpool FC, just like Jamie Carragher, and retire as a Liverpool FC player. But, you've made your decision and I really respect it. You deserves it. You deserve to experience a new world, to bring your incredible skills in a whole new level. How can you not? You're one of the best midfielder in the world! Though you will be away to America for two years, I know you will come back to LFC. There’s no place like home. So this is not a goodbye for long, it’s just a temporary goodbye. So, we’re looking forward your comeback here. And, I can’t wait for that moment.

The last 17 years has been a long and winding road. There has been an up and high moments, but there’s also a downfall. Yet, you’re still in LFC for 17 years. And that what makes you special in our hearts. Not only because of your loyalty, but also your dedication. It’s such a great honor to have you as a player and captain of LFC. You're a true legend.

Today is your birthday and you turn into magical 35 years old. Some people said it’s not an ideal age for a football player to still play on a pitch anymore. But, your love for football hasn’t stopped you. So, Happy birthday, Stevie. And, Thank You! Thank you for 17 amazing years...

Yogie Respati
Member of Big Reds Indonesia

A nice poem from Dave Kirby. You could also watch the video in Liverpool FC Official Website
Liverpool FC have seen great days
In FA Cup finals that have blown us away
Rushie – Keegan - Ian St John
Or little Michael Owen in 2001
But in 2006 we witnessed a dream
As a special player entered the scene
A player who’s become an all-time great
A lad from a Liverpool council estate
Sometimes it’s hard to put into words
When something magical has occurred
At the don’t realise
That history’s unfolding before your eyes
But down in Cardiff one sunny day
History was made in a special way
Like the Matthews final in 53
2006 was the final...of Stevie G
We’ve seen some great players in our time
Players who go beyond that line
The type that never try to hide
The type who play with fire and pride
That kind of passion just can’t be bought
It can’t be coached and it can’t be taught
It’s working class – it’s raw – it’s mean
It’s a lad from Huyton...who loves his team
We didn’t think we were gonna win it
We even said a prayer in that last minute
Then a saviour came and set us free
A saviour by the name...of Stevie G
It was like a vision from a dream
One of the finest goals we’ve ever seen
We felt as though we were floating away
We knew from that moment, it was our day
Cometh the hour cometh the man
Cometh the life-long Liverpool fan
Cometh the kid who once stood on the kop
Cometh our seventh...FA Cup
In years to come we’ll always look back
To those times in Cardiff, the laughs, the crack
Four major trophies...great city, great buzz
The Millennium stadium was good to us
But of all those times, there’s one special day
2006...the 13th of May
The most complete performance ever seen
By a lad from Huyton...who reigns...supreme
Dave Kirby

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